Cat Sticks Her Tongue Out At The Sound Of Packaging Tape

Some of us react to stimuli – and we don’t seem to be able to control it. Those reactions are called reflexes. A reflex is how your body involuntarily and instantaneously responds to stimuli. Like fingernails on a chalkboard makes people shriek or cringe! Seeing a juicy, cheeseburger on television will make stomachs growl and mouths water!

The sound of dripping water is enough to send some people looking for a bathroom! Most reflexes we have serve a purpose. If you touch a hot stove, your hand immediately is pulled away – sometimes even before you feel the pain form the burn. Newborn babies have sucking and rooting reflexes. The kitty in this video has a most unusual and quite hilarious reflex to packing tape.


Take a look at this video!

When she hears packing tape being pulled off the roll, she sticks out her tongue! Every. Single. Time! Share away, people!

Source: HeroViral