Coward Police Officer Shot A Mother Dog And Her Puppy For Absolutely No Reason


A coward police officer, out of no reason at all, shot a mother dog and one of her puppies despite being told that they were not a danger to anyone. The officer called Maximiliano Sergio Mellado was told by one of the witnesses that the dog had just recently given birth to a litter of puppies, but looks like in the eyes of this officer, being a dog was a punishable offense worthy to be shot upon sight.

The dog, Milagros, was rushed to the hospital where a vet called Federico Lopez and a team of other professional spent six hours reconstructing her jaw. no matter how hard they tried; however, they couldn’t save her left eye. Nevertheless despite all the efforts, the poor dog died just a few days later. Her puppy didn’t survive either. The officer was suspended and charged with animal cruelty, but he skipped his first and second hearing.

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Image Credit: yousignanimals

Judge Martin Marcovesky issued a warrant against the officer but after raiding his house, the mother said that the office didn’t live there anymore. According to some sources, it has been made clear that the suspect is on the run, but will soon be arrested. RIP Milagros and Puppy…