Drunk Teenager Kicked A Cat And Threw It Into Fire Alive, But Still Walks Free


Imagine you’re walking down a street and suddenly you see a drunk teenager kicking and throwing a cat into a fire alive, what would you do? Any sane person would beat the headlights out of this teenager to teach him a lesson, but according to this teenager’s lawyer, It was just “a moment of madness”. A moment of madness? Really? Then why didn’t he just set himself on fire?

This is a story of a 19 year old teenager called Lace Elgar who had a heated argument with his mom and so he decided to get drunk and nearly killed a cat. The teenager was wearing steel-toe capped boots and with them he kicked the cat mercilessly and left it with broken bones. As if that wasn’t enough torture, he threw the cat into fire and nearly killed it. The poor cat was taken straight to the vet, but the vets said that it suffered broken, fractures, internal bleeding and a broken spinal cord.

Take a look at this picture



Image Credit: PetsFans

Although the teenager was arrested, he received a 12 week jail term and was only required to pay £2,380. That’s the cost of the cat’s life. Not only that, he won’t be allowed to own pets for 10 years, but according to his lawyer, it was just a “moment of madness”. Do you agree? Please share your thoughts and share this post with your friends too.