Your Hair Grow Longer And Faster By Using 3 Ingredients In A Week


This is a very simple ancient remedy and I hope most of our users already know about this but if you don’t know about this just try it once and I am sure you can see a good change within  a week

Things required:-

☛ Three to four eggs

☛ Olive oil

☛ Three to four half cut lemons

Steps to follow:-

☛ At first, squeeze out the juice of lemons into a container.

☛ Take the eggs and collect their yolk in another container. Add four tsp of lemon juice into it.


☛ Further add four tsp of olive oil into the mixture prepared and mix it properly using a spoon.

☛ Apply the mixture on your scalp using your fingers. Massage your head with this mixture for at least fifteen minutes.

☛ Now your head needs to be covered with a shower cap for minimum 30 minutes.

☛ Finally, wash your hair with normal water and you are done. Do it once in a week to get the best results.