It Might Not Look Dangerous, But If You See A Rubber Band On A Front Door Handle, Dial 911


It is that time of year when we are constantly dressing up the front doors of our homes. At Halloween we set out pumpkins and jack o’lanterns. At Thanksgiving we decorate with hay bales and gourds. At Christmas we string up colored lights and makes wreaths to display on the front door.

But recently, one Texas woman found something surprising on her front door. It was not a cheery holiday surprise, but rather a chilling tactic used by burglars to trick you into letting them in. Keep your eyes peeled for this frightening token on your front door.

Recently, a Texas woman was terrified to find herself the victim of a new trick criminals are using break into homes in neighborhoods across the country. She took to Facebook to share her story and spread the word in hopes that people will use this information to keep themselves and their families safe. Here is what Kim Fleming Cernigliaro wrote:

“Warning!!! Two weeks ago during the day, a hard knock was at my front door, not a regular knock but almost pounding, (I honestly thought something may have happened to someone and they needed help) but something didn’t feel right….and I DO NOT answer the door when I am here by myself. So don’t bother! After several Knocks, they finally left. I glanced and could see it was a man through the stained glass of my door. After about 30 minutes I walked outside to look for what I thought would be a brochure, but instead found a rubber band around my knob to hold the door to open when I unlocked the latch.


I called Ron and he told me to get the gun out and leave it out. The Sheriff came by yesterday and said this is happening all of a sudden, as soon as you unlatch the door, they do not wait for you to turn the knob, they can bust in on you. Anyway just be careful, I USE to be such a trusting person, but not at all anymore! So let me just say, I have a GUN and I know how to use it, just FYI, I out shot my husband the last time we target practiced, so believe me, I will use it. I have too much to live for! Do NOT ANSWER doors without knowing for sure you know who is on the other side! Those days are over!!!! Kids need to be made aware of this too!”

That’s right. Something as innocent and commonplace as a rubber band is a weapon in the hands of criminal minds. If you see a rubber band on your front door handle, remove it immediately and consider contacting authorities. This is how it works: the rubber band holds the latch open, so as soon as you turn the lock, the door can be easily pushed open without you opening it for them. The criminal can then push in without your knowledge or invitation.

Have you heard of this terrifying and deceitful trick? Would you share this story on your social media pages to help keep your loved ones safe? Tell us your thoughts, opinions, and questions in the comments section below.